Funding options for business growthFunding – internal or external – is a vital part of business growth, but what type of funding do you need when? While each small business might have a different path towards expansion, financing will still be required each step of the way. Here we outline the typical stages of business growth and the key types of funding options for each.Start-upThe first steps of a business are often referred to as the `start-up’ phase. If your business is in this stage, it means you have legally established yourself as a company, and your products or services are ready to go to your first customers.During this early stage, you are likely to be making a number of investments from building up stock, to buying or renting a premises for your business. Small business loans, overdrafts and invoice financing can lend a helping hand when it comes to boosting cashflow, as it’s likely you face the challenge of not burning through your cash reserves.Call today in regards to Funding options


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